Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about GuestSmiles, how it works and what 
makes us a unique, standout solution in the vacation rental industry:

  • What is GuestSmiles Toolbox?

    The GuestSmiles Toolbox is a set of individual tools provided by strategically chosen partners and supported by us. We’ve selected our partners and their technology to ensure they are the best in class and work well alongside each other. Much like your toolbox at home, some tools are used every day and some just for special projects.

    We provide world-class, direct, US-based support to our clients on all the tools in the GuestSmiles Toolbox. Simplicity is key. With us, there is no longer a need to have multiple relationships with multiple companies.

  • What does GuestSmiles Toolbox do?

  • How does this benefit me if I have just 1 property?

  • What are the benefits of using GuestSmiles Toolbox versus going directly to the technology provider?

  • Are you going to be adding other technology providers to your toolbox?

  • What if I don’t want to use all of them, do I get a discount?

  • Does the GuestSmiles Toolbox include tools to generate new reservations for me?

  • What if I have an existing website for my short-term rental? Do I have to start from scratch?

  • I’ve read a lot about OwnerRez. What do you do differently?

  • Does the Toolbox work for self-managers with multiple properties?

  • Can I have 1 website for all of my properties?

  • What about a merchant account?

  • Do you offer a free trial?

How do I get started?

For those of you who are self starters, you can sign up and get the ball rolling without even having to speak to a specialist. If you prefer a more hands-on approach with our team, feel free to chat us, schedule a meeting or send us a note below.

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